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350mm Titanium Atomizer Wheel

Atomizer Wheel Manufactured from Aircraft Grade Titanium Offers Superior Performance

RPM Solutions now manufactures and stocks titanium structural components for its 350mm Atomizer Wheel. The upgrade to titanium offers superior corrosion resistance over stainless steel. RPM's first stainless steel to titanium full conversion was in 1999 outlasting the replaced stainless steel components with 10 times longer life. Although the initial cost of converting to titanium structural components is greater than standard stainless steel, the overall cost of ownership of the titanium components is far less.

Applications include flue gas desulfurization systems, waste-to-energy facilities, incinerators, and spray dryer manufacturing operations such as silica and glass manufacturing.

RPM’s 350mm wheels have many design features that make them first in their class.

Place your mouse over each picture below to see an explanation of the parts in this wheel.

350mm Atomizer Drive Plate350mm Atomizer O-rings350mm Atomizer Cone Nut350mm Atomizer Case-Titanium350mm Atomizer Nozzle-Titanium350mm Atomizer Seperate Upper Wear Ring350mm Atomizer Lid-Titanium350mm Atomizer Lid-Titanium350mm Atomizer Lid-Titanium350mm Atomizer Lid-Titanium350mm Atomizer Lid-Titanium

Drive Plate - Titanium

This component is manufactured from aircraft grade titanium.

Part Number: RS89506-T

Additional features are highlighted below.

3-piece nozzle with hardened cup 3-Piece Nozzle Design with Hardened Cup 
Hardened upper cup significantly reduces the wear of the cup and case on the inside of the wheel.
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Long cone nut design NEW! “Long” Cone Nut Design Greatly Reduces Wear 
Cone nut design provides smooth flow of slurry into the wheel.
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Ceramic Upper Wear Ring Ceramic Upper Wear Ring and Patented Lid Design 
Ceramic wear ring lasts many times longer than traditional metallic rings. Patented lid design preserves structural components of the wheel and directs the wear to the proper materials to handle. It creates a smooth transition between the inner liquid distributor and the Ceramic Lower Wear Ring.
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Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate Solves Customer’s Vibration Problem 

RPM Solutions worked with a customer experiencing vibration issues. Innovative Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate design solved their vibration problem.

Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate (CDP-I) design reduces vibration RPM Solutions developed a Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate (CDP-I) and resolved the vibration issues experienced at a plant utilizing the standard short version of this component.

The atomizer routinely experienced spikes in vibration at approximately 125 gallons per minute. In some cases, these vibration spikes would trip the atomizer offline making the atomizer unreliable.

The graphs below illustrate the vibration readings experienced before and after the CDP-I was installed. The CDP-I continues to operate at normal conditions (50 to 200 gallons per minute) with minimum vibration variance. The same results were experienced with the other atomizers at this plant.

Slurry Feed Rate vs. Spindle Vibration - Center Distribution Plate-Short (CDP-S) Design

Day 4 - Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate installed

Slurry Feed Rate vs. Spindle Vibration - Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate (CDP-I) Design

The implementation of the CDP-I dramatically reduced the amount of atomizer trips and made the operation of the plant’s atomizers consistent and reliable.

Quality Atomizer Components at Competitive Pricing

RPM Solutions is proud to offer quality atomizer components at competitive prices. For current pricing and delivery, Contact Us or call 1-800-348-4RPM (4776) where Shawn Veurink can be reached at extension 313.

Shawn Veurink

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