89000 Series-Niro F800 Series 350mm

FORM 89-002 F800 350mm Atomizer Components RPM PART# DESCRIPTION CUSTOMER # OEM PART # WHEEL COMPONENTS-STANDARD RS88482-1 Nozzle 11721-0001 RS88482-1-T Nozzle-Titanium 11721-0001 RS88482-3S Cone Nut 13870-0001 RS88482-3S-M Cone Nut-Modified 13873-0001 RS89502-M-T Upper Wear Ring-Modified-Titanium N/A RS89504 Case 13873-0001 RS89505-M Lid-Modified N/A RS89506 Drive Plate 20049-0001 RS89507-M-T Ceramic Lower Wear Ring-Modified-Titanium N/A FASTENERS RS12X12 M12X12 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw 14131-1215 RS12X30 M12X30 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw 14131-1230 RS12X35 M12X35 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw 14131-1235 DRIVE COMPONENTS RS0400-2 Babbitt Thrust Bearing 211204-0001 RS0400-2R Babbitt Thrust Bearing-Rebuild N/A RS0419 Lower Bearing Housing 11216-0001 RS0433-3 Spindle Coupling 13797-0001 RS0433-5 Upper Bearing Cover 11180-0001 RS0433-9 Upper Bearing Housing 11223-0001 RS265P/RS295P 2.65 / 2.95 Ratio Gearbox RS265P-R 2.65 / 2.95 Ratio Gearbox-Rebuild N/A RS88487 Spindle 13866-0001 RS88487-R Spindle-Rebuild N/A 07/16 RPM Solutions is proud to offer quality atomizer components at competitive prices. For current pricing and delivery please call 800-348-4RPM(4776) where Shawn Veurink can be reached at extension 313 .