Consistent and Reliable Atomizers with CDP-I

RPM Solutions developed a Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate (CDP-I) and resolved the vibration issues experienced at a plant utilizing the standard short version of this component.

The atomizer routinely experienced spikes in vibration at approximately 125 gallons per minute. In some cases, these vibration spikes would trip the atomizer offline making the atomizer unreliable.

The graphs below illustrate the vibration readings experienced before and after the CDP-I was installed. The CDP-I continues to operate at normal conditions (50 to 200 gallons per minute) with minimum vibration variance. The same results were experienced with the other atomizers at this plant.


On day 4, the Center Distribution Plate-Intermediate was installed.


The implementation of the CDP-I dramatically reduced the amount of atomizer trips and made the operation of the plant’s atomizers consistent and reliable.