Atomizer Parts. Rebuilt. Balanced.

Typical process includes …

  • Customer removes atomizer wheel from atomizer shaft
  • Customer ships atomizer wheel to RPM Solutions
  • RPM Solutions receives atomizer wheel, disassembles, bead blasts, and inspects
  • RPM Solutions provides customer with detailed report and pricing for the repairs of the atomizer wheel.
  • The atomizer wheel is assembled with the new and used required components recorded with RPM Solutions’ Atomizer Monitoring System. The monitoring system creates consistency and uniformity of the process of assembling the atomizer wheel. The monitoring system generates a report detailing the parts used, parts retired, and each assembly step time stamped by maintenance personnel performed.
  • The atomizer wheel is then balanced as an assembly
  • A balance report is generated
  • All fasteners of the atomizer wheel are tightened to the proper torque
  • Then atomizer wheel is packaged and returned to the customer ready for service.

We’ll even provide the shipping box.

Balancing Services

RPM Solutions offers balancing of atomizer wheels and atomizer spindles and shafts. New and rebuilt atomizer wheels are balanced as an assembly by adding strategically placed weights to the atomizer wheel for the proper correction.

Structural material is not removed and does not conflict with wear on these components and does not conflict with subsequent rebuilds. New and rebuilt atomizer spindles and shafts are typically corrected by removing material in non critical areas.