Nozzle Designed for Long Life, Less Wear

RPM Solutions has developed a patent pending new nozzle geometry that optimizes the spray pattern of the atomized slurry. This new nozzle design…

  • Reduces pounds of lime required to scrub a pound of SO2
  • Increases overall wear life of nozzle
  • Creates a more uniform spray pattern for a longer period of time
  • Reduces the chance of wetting the reactor walls

Long term operations from multiple sets of nozzles have resulted an average of 9% reduction of lime usage and a 2-1/2 times longer nozzle wear life. Current tests have resulted in potential lime savings and dryer ash.

How Does It Work?

The standard atomizer nozzle geometry is designed that the inlet diameter of the nozzle is greater than the diameter of the outlet nozzle like a funnel. With the Reverse Taper Nozzle this is reversed; the inlet is a smaller diameter than the outlet diameter of the nozzle. The slurry from a standard nozzle is more shaped like a stream spray pattern. The slurry pattern from the Reverse Taper Nozzle is shaped more like a fanned spray pattern. The thickness from left to right of the slurry exiting the Reverse Taper Nozzle is much thinner. This results in greater surface area.

Quality Atomizer Components at Competitive Pricing

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